Massage for Every Body

As a massage therapist, I know that people come in a wonderful variety of shapes, sizes, genders, and experiences. My goal as a massage therapist is to create a safe, affirming space for all my clients. I have experience working with clients across the gender identity spectrum, as well as neurodiverse clients, and I treat every client with the respect and integrity they deserve.

I also know that my clients have widely varying income levels, and I believe that massage should be available to everybody who needs it. There is simply no such thing as a single "fair" price. So I practice a PWYW (Pay What You Will) model for massage. I trust my clients to choose a price that is fair and reasonable, aligning their need for a massage with their ability to pay. Every client who pays full price or higher for a massage helps me to offer subsidized services to those who couldn't otherwise afford bodywork.

Some people still think of getting a massage “just to relieve stress” as a pampering luxury, but extensive research confirms that stress is serious stuff! Chronic exposure to stress hormones like cortisol can be bad for the immune system, the digestive system, the heart, and the brain. It can slow healing, worsen chronic pain, and cause anxiety, depression, sleep loss, heart disease, and weight gain. Our bodies are built to respond to stress in small, intense doses, with periods of relaxation in between, and don't deal well with the continuous low-grade pressures of modern life.

A massage is like a reset button for your body and mind. A regular massage regimen can help keep stress under control, and even a single massage can help you find, and stick to, your emotional center.